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Welcome to Architecture Studio ACCA 2000


Architecture studio ACCA 2000 was founded in 2000. We are a studio with four members:

M.Arch, Fully qualified architect
/Arch. Tihomir STOYANOV
M.Arch, Fully qualified architect
/Dr. Arch. Iva STOYANOVA
Ph.D, M.Arch, Fully qualified architect
/Arch. Tzvetin STOYANOV
M.Arch, Fully qualified architect

We have selected some of the projects that we have developed in recent years and we want to show you. As you will see, we take interest in urban planning, various architectural typologies, energy efficiency and preservation.


We have specified the typology, year and status of each project. We have supplied the location for the apartment buildings, public and industrial ones. You can also check out several of the competitions that we have participated in, as well as our academic research and BIM.


We design, research and preserve architecture. We combine 30-year experience with fresh ideas in a sustainable approach. We follow the latest architectural tendencies and technological innovations and we are excited to apply them in our work.



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